This is your experiment write up page. As a team you will all work on this document and the spreadsheet to collect data and write up your experiment. I should see that all team members have worked on this document.

  • Group members should go two at a time to make measurements and observations of plant growth. Then they will record the data onto the spreadsheet when the other two bring it back.
  • The other groups members will research and study for their other plant projects.
  • This procedure will reverse the next day and two other group members will measure and record while the other do their other plant studies.

The teacher, team members and other class members will use the discussion tab above to make comments about your experiment. Any inappropriate comments will be deleted and the person will be addressed concerning their comment.

Plant Experiment

I. Problem: (remember to write this as a question)

II. Observations: (Write what you know about the variable and of plants – use your brain and your book)

III. Hypothesis:

I think _ _ because_

IV. Test Hypothesis:
1 Water sprinkler full of tap water 2 cups of soil
1 graduated cylinder 1 pair of scissors
4 garden bean seeds 1 lights
4 plastic cup containers

Variable: Constants:

Your teacher has done steps 1-5 for you ahead of time
1. Fill all cups ¾ full of soil.
2. Stick your index finger into soil about 1 inch deep or up to your first knuckle.
3. Drop the Garden bean seed into hole.
4. Cover hole with soil.
5. Put 40 ml of water into each cup

6. Label one cup ---team # A (the variable)
a. Example Team 1 A cut off leaves
7. Label one cup ---team # B (the variable)

As you can see that A and B are for the Variable
while C and D are for the Control
8. Label one cup ---team # C Control
a. Example Team 1 C Control
9. Label one cup ---team # D Control
11. Put plants in the correct experimental or control area
12. Water both cups Monday, Wednesday and Friday with 20 ml of water.


V. Collect Data: On the google spreadsheet (click on link below) record the plant
height and visual observations about the plant. A different pair of students should measure and observe daily. Discuss your findings daily with your teammates. ALL TEAM MEMEBERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR HAVING ALL DATA AND OBSERVATIONS.

When you get into the spreadsheet click into the cell and then begin typing your data.

VI. Study Data: (make a line graph to show the growth of the plants. Write
summary sentences telling what happened to the plants (results))

VII. Conclusion: (write a conclusion that will be read to the class)
The conclusion should contain the following information
a. Hypothesis (from step 3) copy this exactly the way you wrote it except change the tense.
b. Was it correct or not correct and why
c. Summary of what occurred in the experiment ( do not rewrite or copy all the data here. I said summary, like how much growth did the plant have, did someone not make observation and water the plant like they should, did any variable sneak into the experiment etc….)